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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about my wedding video & photo service.
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If you booked a package with 1 videographer, myself, David Ruszkowski will be working at your wedding.  Only in extreme cases where I am unable to attend will I get a replacement.  I named my business “Buffalo Street Media” because I live on Buffalo Street and if it was called “David Ruszkowski Video”, no one would be able to spell that.  I am an independent small company consisting of me and my wife. Sometimes I will bring an assistant to part of a 1 videographer wedding (at no charge) just because I feel like I am going to need extra help, maybe a large venue, difficult setup or something like that, but most of the time it is just me. If you booked a package with more than one videographer, I will still be there as the main person, but I have a couple assistants I work with.

I would say that my style of filming is both cinematic & documentary.  The highlight video certainly is more cinematic, while the rest of the video leans a little more to the documentary side or somewhere in between.  It kind of depends on the event.

The final payment is due on or before the event date.  Customers can make payments at anytime by visiting our payments page.  So if you want to pay a little bit every month leading up to the wedding day you can do so on our website.  Each time a payment is made I will send a payment receipt (text or email) and then email an updated invoice reflecting the payment and the new amount.

I retain copies of all the edited files (everything necessary to make new DVDs). DVDs can sometimes quit working or get damaged, etc. I will replace any DVDs as needed. I also will keep the on-demand site and the highlight video link available indefinitely. I don’t retain copies of raw footage after a certain point (about 1 month after the final product is delivered) so if you need changes made that involve editing the actual video, this should be requested right away. So in short I do provide support after the product is delivered, I try to do this as quickly as possible after I get your request.

I require an initial payment / deposit of $400 to reserve a wedding date, To book a date just go to to submit a contract & deposit.

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