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Photos from Video

The Process

I have a unique approach to doing both video & photographic still images.  I am a videographer first and foremost, but what I do is I am able to create still images from the video.  With all of my video packages I include a still image gallery as well as a 20 page bound hard cover photo book.  The video below explains how I create still images from video.

A Variety of Perspectives

One advantage to the process of taking photos from video is multiple camera angles.  Because I shoot most wedding ceremonies with 7 or more cameras I can have a variety of perspectives of the same moment, for instance the first kiss during the ceremony.  In this photo album I have it from 4 different camera angles.

Whether this service is a replacement for a photographer is really up to your taste and the level of coverage you are looking to get from still images.  While I am super excited to offer this service I in no way suggest that I am required to be the only photographer, so if you do also hire a photographer, my still images will be a bonus!

Need a Photographer?  We can do both!

We do have a solution where we offer a dedicated photographer in addition to the video packages.  See Packages & Pricing for more information.

Photobook Samples