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How Do You Capture Audio of the Toasts?

For the toasts I have a special wireless mic that I place on the head table. Having a mic that is in closer proximity to whomever is speaking is generally enough to get a nice clean signal. However I can also run a feed from the DJ’s mixing board, this would be...

How Do You Capture Audio of the Vows?

For the vows I have a wireless lapel mic on the groom. This will pick up the vows from both the bride and the groom and is generally very clear. Depending on the venue (i.e. if it is outdoors) I will also use a separate wireless lapel mic for the officiate, I will...

How Do You Pick the Music for the Highlight Video?

I typically will just use whatever song the bride & groom danced to in their first dance, however I will sometimes use other music that was in the wedding.  If the bride & groom request a specific song I can certainly accommodate any requests.